Serel's Exclusive Credit Card Holder While the wallet is bent on toes
Serel's Exclusive Credit Card Holder Exclusive Credit Card Holder

Minimalist Leather Wallets and Card Holders

Since we use living leather in our wallets and card holders, your Serel’s wallet will be with you for many years as your signature accessory. The secret to the longevity of Serel's wallets is that we chose full-grain goatskin organically tanned in France as main material. Inspired by the lifestyle reimagined under the wings of minimalism, Serel's wallets are as thin as a regular card and small enough to fit in the smallest pockets of pants and shirts. They will make you realize that you don't need to carry cards you don't often use. Besides, Serel's minimalist wallets make your outfit stand out, not ruin it.

Secrets of Serel's Wallets and Card Holders

Minimalism is the key to a happier and more sustainable lifestyle. Serel’s produces minimalist wallets that are both functional and have style, not restricting you but liberating you. So much so that one of the works of our designers that we are proud of is our credit card sized mini wallets.

It's time to explore the timeless natural beauty of real skin from a new perspective. We interpreted genuine leather with minimalist elegance in Serel's leather wallets.

Card holders are one of the favorite accessories for those seeking slimness, easy accessibility and compactness. Serel's card holders allow you to decide what you really need to carry with you and thus get rid of the excess in your pocket by being more organized.

Serel's wallets bring comfort, utility and visual appeal to your daily life. As Serel's wallet brand, we don’t consider wallets only as a credit card, identity or cash carrying accessory, they are also items that represent the soul and personality of a person.

Money Clip Wallets

Perfectionists whose motto is "I'm Fastidious" favor "Serel's Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet". While many money clip wallets are considered ideal, you will rarely find one that has all the features that make this type of wallet ideal. Imagine wallets with money clips  that are handmade and made of one hundred percent genuine full grain goatskin: They are delivered to you with a special giftable premium box. The edge dyes are produced by a quality brand such as Dutch origin Stuhl, and French cotton thread is used for their sewing. What's more, they have a lifetime warranty. It seems very difficult to find one like this, right? Serel's has designed such a leather money clip wallet for men and women who do not want to compromise on their stylish clothing. Also, its stainless steel clip allows you to carry a considerable amount of bills in it and it will never look bulky in your pocket. Wouldn't you like to have such a minimalist wallet with the carrying capacity that a card holder provides you?

When you own a leather bifold wallet with a money clip, you have the opportunity to experience the conveniences of a compact and slim wallet. You will find that it is safer than a conventional wallet. It is one of the easiest wallets to use among today's innovative wallets. Serel's has designed them so thin that you can carry them even in your front pocket. Besides, their clips allow to significantly increase the capacity of a regular slim wallet. Serel's will launch new designs of these wallets. You can follow the new designs by subscribing to this newsletter.

Magic Wallets

Serel's leather magic wallets are unique/colorful accessories designed to ensure that outfits and wallets of young people with style are unified. They are just as functional thanks to their capacity. Bifold magic wallets, which are very simple to secure your money with its durable elastic straps, are one of the most "magical" ways for guys to impress people without talking to them. Serel's minimalist magic wallets have this "magical" impressiveness by the reason of the fact that Serel's expert artisans have made them from 100% genuine full grain goatskin leather with a completely handmade method. We would like to introduce Serel’s slim magic collection with three different exceptional designs.

We brought French leather and Italian design together in this bifold leather magic wallet for young people who want to attract attention with the design of their complementary and eccentric accessories in sports style.

With its full grain leather, which has a special texture as it is the top layer of the leather, and its unique design, the magic wallet can complete your extraordinary, unique but elegant style.

When you meet Serel's bifold magic wallets, you will find that you, who is free, can perfect your outfit with an extraordinary 2nd wallet.

Card Holders (Card Cases)

Your credit card holder should be the expression of your sophistication and that's what Serel's designers do: to design card holders that accurately express your sophistication. The sophisticated look is hidden in the details, the accessories are that detail. Serel's card holders emphasize this look. We produce custom handmade card holders that you will be proud to show your friends. Sophistication is a state of holistic elegance including well-groomed hairstyle, elegance jewellery, shoes, belts and watches, and if we include slim and minimalist card holders in this whole, then we can talk about a complete sophistication.

Card cases are no longer just the men's choice. This is completely a habit of the past. There is also a lifestyle in which women prefer to carry only credit cards.

No one wants to carry a thick and bulging wallet on holidays, parties and special occasion events. Serel's minimalist and slim card cases do not make your evening dress or casual wear heavy, which is light and thin. They are made to serve your elbow room, they don’t cause bulkiness in your pocket. Feeling comfortable with the outfit is more self-confidence. When you check our credit card holders, which promise a luxury beyond your expectations, you may find it difficult to choose one of them.

Business Card Holders

Serel’s leather business card holders are specially designed for those who believe that accessories are very essential to impress people. Their chicness, charm, quality and usefulness got full marks from our customers such as attorneys, professors and business people. A Serel's business card holder is the superfine way to enhance your impressiveness in the business meetings. 

Serel's takes your reputation seriously. We know that a flawless professional attitude is the first step to open doors. It is to leave a positive impression that will lead you to success. Your business card is the prestige tool that has the power to leave that impression. Serel's business card holder carries this prestige with an elegance and grace worthy of your success. Meet our collection and choose your chic coworker.


Our all products are full grain goatskin leather and 100% professional handmade 

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    The basis of all the value, quality and services we provide and thus makes you choose us is that we carry out all production and retailing required for our wallets ourselves, from the material supply to in-house production, from quality control to sales and after-sales services.

    That's why we have the power to:

    • Continuously improve quality control,
    • Be able to manufacture our wallets from French Genuine Goatskin, which has high quality and durability standards,
    • Invest not only in material and production quality, but also in creating innovative, unique and stylish designs,
    • Have a team consisting of master artisans of handmade,
    • Ensure the quality of our wallets as we are the manufacturer
    • Be able to offer our customers a lifetime warranty,
    • Provide our customers with the highest quality and quick after-sales services which are money back guarantee, easy return, repair and replacement,
    • Have a customer service team with competent knowledge of our wallets, which can provide solutions to our customers' questions and issues in the quickest way.