Collection: Bifold Wallets

Bifold wallets are wallets that fold in half as the name suggests to hold one's essentials. Our bifold wallets are timeless and practical pieces for organizing and carrying your essential items while maintaining a sleek and organized appearance. They are highly versatile options suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

Serel's slim leather billfold wallets are made of full-grain leather, which is the hallmark of durability and longevity. Horizontal and vertical bifold wallets in our genuine leather bifold wallets collection achieved full marks from both men and women.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Gracious Bifold Wallet

    Well Balanced Card Slot Positions

    In conventional wallet designs, the placement and directions of the card slots are the same. With its expertise in leather and R&D studies, Serel's determined that card slots should be placed in opposite directions. You've wondered why these slots are positioned this way, right? Since the slots are in opposite directions, even if you use its full card capacity, sitting on your wallet never causes it to deform, which means your wallet will be with you for many years, and your cards will be prevented from being damaged due to imbalance.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet on tiptoe

    You Will Have A Slimmer Bifold Wallet

    Men's and women’s wallet choice has long been trifold and bifold wallets. However, trifold and traditionally designed bifold wallets are far from meeting the needs of changing lifestyles. Trifold wallets are impractical in terms of having immediate access to what you are looking for. They can make your pocket more untidy rather than organized. Serel's slim bifold wallets are the wallets for those who are looking for a slim yet classic style wallet that can fit even in their front pockets. You can carry both cash and cards in an organized manner in Serel's minimalist bifold wallets.

    Although card holders are the thinnest accessories, they do not have a design that can satisfy everyone in terms of cash and card carrying capacity.

    It is very clear that using a thick wallet carried in the back pocket and sitting on it all the time because it is in the back pocket adversely affects the health of the spine.  While Serel's billfold wallets do not cause such a health issue, they also fit all kinds of outfits.

  • For Women

    The convenience of using a wallet has almost put the times of women using purses behind. One of the reasons why Serel's leather bifold wallets have become women's choice is that they are tidy and in order. So much so that they take up very little space in women's bags and can even be carried by hand thanks to their lightness. It is very comfortable to access them and what is in them, as if emphasizing the value of time. They provide women with the comfort of carrying a wallet that can even be easily taken out of the pockets of their jeans. Serel's bifold wallets never cause a bulging look thanks to their minimalist design. As women’s fashion styles develop into minimalistic, they meet all the expectations of women regarding a wallet suitable for both daily and special occasions as women’s fashion styles develop into minimalistic.

  • For Men

    Bifold wallets are one of the wallets that men love to use. They are the perfect harmony of both style and functionality. As the features that men want these wallets to have increased, the standard bifold design began to be not preferred. This is exactly what makes Serel's men’s bifold wallets special in this respect. Men who prefer Serel's have a thin wallet that fits in every pocket, including the front pocket. Serel's provides protection from being the obvious target of pickpockets with the feature of being carried in the front pocket of these wallets. Unlike other bifold wallets, they are slim wallets that have not been compromised on card and paper currency capacity in their design.

  • Serel's Magic V Wallet on tiptoe

    For Children and Teenagers

    For teenagers and kids alike, their first wallet is very important and special and bifold wallets are an excellent option as their first wallet. Since owning a wallet is one of the symbols of growth, this group of age would like to have a classic wallet with the look of adult’s wallets. Serel's bifold wallets answer this wish of children and teenagers. Wallets of Serel’s are the wallets that have a compartment with sufficient cash capacity they need. Because this compartment is the most important for them as they have less cards than adults. In other words, with these wallets, Serel's fulfills young's demands for adult appearance and sufficient paper money capacity.

Buy Bifold Wallets from Their Manufacturer Who Always Stands Behind Their Products

Even though the bifold wallet you bought is of good quality and looks perfect, when you have a problem with that wallet, it becomes very essential to get the help you need from the seller you bought the wallet from. When there is a defect in the wallets purchased from the seller, only the sellers can be reached, not the manufacturer. Since they are not manufacturers of wallets, there is no guarantee that sellers will take care of your issue. In cases where they try to help, they do not have the competence to solve the problem and it may take a long time to reach the solution you need, as they have to manage the communication between you and the manufacturer.

Serel's is the manufacturer of its bifold wallets, so you will have a long-term customer service experience where your questions and problems are answered and resolved immediately.

Lifetime Warranty is The Fundamental of Reliability

Since Serel's produces its own products, it has the competence to provide a lifetime warranty for its bifold wallets. As a result of our confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of our wallets, if you have a problem with a Serel's wallet, we can provide you with a replacement, repair and refund. We will be happy to assist you.

Our Wallets are Sent in a Gift Box that Will Make You Smile

As Serel's, we present you our bifold wallets in a specially designed elegant gift box to show you how much we value you. Since not only you, but also your loved ones are very valuable to us, we would like you to give them your gift in such an exceptional gift box. In other words, Serel's wallets are delivered to you in a special way that will save you the trouble of making a beautiful gift package.

More Than A Gift For Them

Giving a wallet as a gift is very meaningful. A wallet represents prosperity, wealth and luck, which is exactly what you wish for your loved ones.

Thanks to their elegance, quality leather, handmade design and other eye-catching features, Serel's bifold wallets are ideal gift for your husband, father, colleague, brother, son, parents, or boyfriend on special occasions such as Father's Day, Girls' Day, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Independence Day and Christmas so on.

Serel's Magic V Wallet corner detail

Serel's is the Artisan of the Best Handmade

The handmade production of wallets requires meticulous craftsmanship and wide experience. This ancient production method never tolerates any mistake. Serel's owes its small handmade bifold wallets to stand out from the others to its expert artisans working with these principles. Serel's complements this quality in its production method with the quality of the edge dyes (from the Dutch Stahl brand) and 100% French cotton threads it uses.

Serel's Classic Wallet interior

Serel's Double-Layer Full Grain Goatskin Leather Bifold Wallets

Most wallets sold in leading marketplaces originate in China. Although this is a large-scale wallet trade, it increases the risk of facing many post-purchase problems. This kind of bifold wallet you buy may be of good quality, but if you need help after purchasing, it is not certain whether your demands will be met as the seller brand is not its manufacturer, it may take a long time for them to support you. Serel's imports the full-grain goatskin leather, meticulously selected for its bifold wallets, from France. Thus, it ensures the quality of the leather and carries out all the production itself. Full-grain is the top layer of the leather. Since it is the layer exposed to external factors, it is extremely durable and thus has a unique texture. You can't help but touch our bifold wallets made of goatskin leather.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet

Bifold Wallets That are Perfect For Everyday Carry (EDC)

Our bifold wallets are slim and minimalist, making them suitable for your everyday outfit, both as a wallet and as a card case. You can choose a multi-purpose color such as black, or you can consider different color options. As they are made of leather, the quality they have makes them extremely durable, which is essential for everyday use. Unlike wallets made of other materials, they do not deform as they are used, and their leather becomes even more beautiful. Leather bifold wallets will never damage your credit cards like metal ones.