Collection: Business Card Holders

A business card holder is as necessary and important as a business card. Whether you are a sales and marketing specialist or you run your own business, it has commercial value for your business. When you look at the business world, you will see that many people use ordinary business card holders.

Serel's is the brand of the business card cases which contribute to your standing and also combine it with your personal touch. An outfit that reflects your personal style and professionalism allows you to stand out from your competitors with ordinary outfits in the business world. Moreover, our leather business card holders will be an essential and personalized commercial instrument not only for your briefcase or pocket, but also for your desk.

Why You Should Choose Serel’s Business Card Holders?

  • Serel's Natty Business Card Holder is on the table

    Serel's business card wallet has an uncompromised capacity while outdoing its counterparts in terms of being slim. With it, you are always ready for a commercial meeting and encounter. The combination of your wallet with your business card holder is one of your essentials in your business life, and the slimness of Serel's leather card organizer allows you to carry it in your pocket even with your wallet.

  • Serel's Natty Business Card Holder cover open on the table

    Serel's business card organizers are slim but functional enough to carry your business cards in an organized manner. One of the most important reasons for the existence of a business card holder is to not let your business cards get damaged. Your business card that you take out of Serel's business card holder will look new as if it had just been printed.

  • Serel's Exclusıve Exclusive Credit Card Holder  getting into the bag

    For Women

    It is a kind of success for women to make a great impression with their clothes, outfits and accessories in any environment. When you consider this for a business environment, it becomes more essential than ever to achieve that success. Serel's designs cute and stylish business card holders that women want to have, which is why Serel’s is one of the brands most preferred by women: Women give feedback that our business card holders perfectly reflect their professionalism and competencies in their business life. Besides these business card cases are also suitable for purses.

  • Serel's Natty Business Card goes into the collar pocket of the jacket.

    For Men

    The success of men's business or brand is literally a matter of self-esteem for them. It is an extension of themselves. Serel's cool leather business card wallet is a personal touch that can create a custom business presentation.

    Your business card with logo serves the purpose of making a catchy, impressive first impression. Your Serel's mens name card holder, on the other hand, is designed to make your business and style create a catchy impression before your business card that means it is the greatest supporter of your business card. Since you will keep your business cards organized in it, you will have full confidence when handing them out. Thanks to your Serel’s business card holder, your clean and neat business cards will tell your clients how organized, elaborative and meticulous you are in your business.

Buy Business Card Holders From Their Manufacturer Who Always Stands Behind Their Products

Serel's manufactures its card holders for business cards entirely in-house, sources the main material which is carefully selected genuine goatskin leather by itself, and does not have them produced in China or similar countries. In this way, it succeeds in offering more product options to its customers. Since it is the manufacturer of its leather business card cases, it has the ability to provide a fast and smooth shopping process. It offers an improved customer experience and is one of the brands with the highest brand loyalty rate. As Serel's brand name card holders are subject to advanced quality management and are equipped with comprehensive after-sales services, if you have a problem with one of them, you can quickly benefit from one of the replacement, repair and refund solutions.

Lifetime Warranty is The Fundamental of Reliability

As a business card carrier manufacturer, the most important thing we want to earn is the trust of our customers and their peace of mind when shopping with us. Rather than a large amount of sales figures, we would like to have a happy and loyal customer base. The best way to achieve this was to produce top quality business card sleeves, which we give a lifetime guarantee as proof of this quality. That’s why Serel’s business card holders are the holders that you can enjoy using for many years.

The Gift Box That Makes Your Business Card Holder Gift Unique

Serel's produces designer business card holders. It would have been possible to gift these pieces with such special features to both you and your loved ones, only by delivering them to you in specially designed premium gift boxes. Our gift boxes will make you happy and save you the trouble of packing your gift.

Serel's Natty Business Card Holder is at your fingertips

Give Them Serel's Business Card Holder As A Gift, Celebrate Their Success

By gifting Serel's modern business card holder to your beloved ones, you can show that you admire, celebrate,  and be proud of their confidence, talents and accomplishments in their business life. You are one of the most important people in their lives who motivates them to be successful in their business lives.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet detail

Serel's is the Artisan of the Best Handmade

As Serel's, the basis of our success in being a luxury business card holder manufacturer is that it has a team of artisans who specialize in handmade techniques and have many years of experience. The hard work of this team is invaluable to us. We have finished this precious work by choosing Dutch Stahl dyes as the edge dye and using 100% French cotton sewing threads.

Serel's Double-Layer Full Grain Goatskin Business Card Holders

The reason why full-grain is the best as a leather kind, or in other words as a leather layer, is because it is the outermost layer of the leather. This layer is extremely durable, high quality and has a unique texture. Among leather types, Serel's preferred to produce business card holders from the full-grain layer of goatskin. Goatskin has great features that make it preferable as a business card holder production material. The fact that it is a highly versatile, extremely soft, strong and flexible leather type has made Serel's products such high-end. Our final aesthetic touch to our business card holders is the beautiful texture of full grain goatskin.

Serel's Exclusive Credit Card Holder As the wallet goes into the front pocket of the trousers

Serel's Business Card Holders “Everyday” Carry Your Reputation (EDC)

Since you are a professional, your business card holder comes first in your EDCs. So much so that as it holds your business cards, it is much more essential to have it in your business meetings, than to have your wallet with you. Serel's business card holders, with their exceptional designs, can also be used as a mini wallet in a practical way. Their design frees you up to carry your favorite credit card and enough cash for emergencies along with your business cards.