Collection: Magic Wallets

Magic wallet is a wallet that differs from other wallet designs in that it offers more than an ordinary wallet usage experience with its innovative design. Unlike other folded wallets, the magic wallet is a bifold wallet that can be opened from both sides. The magic of the magic wallet is in the way of keeping money. After you place your money on the elastic straps, close it and re-open it from the other side, you will see that your money is securely held under the elastic straps. This is the original magic wallet feature.

Serel's magic wallets are the combination of this extraordinary design with unique color harmony. They are much easier to use than their counterparts. With a Serel's magic wallet, you will see that accessing your cards has never been faster. It secures your money with its long-lasting and durability-tested elastic straps. Serel's brought together innovation, impressiveness and safety for you with 3 different designs of its magic wallets.

Why You Should Choose Serel’s Magic Wallets?

Serel's Magic V Wallet front surface

Well Balanced Card Slot Positions

Serel's has developed a new feature for the card wallet function of its magic wallets. Their card slot positions are in opposite directions. By placing the slots in opposite directions, we have ensured that our magic wallets last much longer. Even if you prefer to carry your Serel's magic wallet in your back pocket and, as a result, you sit on it for long periods of time, this will never cause your magic wallet to wear out. When you have a Serel's magic wallet you will have a flat, even, and balanced wallet for a long time. In other words, we've managed to keep the sleek and neat look of Serel’s magic wallets unaffected by credit card storage. With their well-balanced card slot positions design, you will have a slim magic wallet until the end.

The Slimmest Magic Wallet Design

One of the most important reasons for those who prefer card holders is their slim wallet design needs. For those who use credit cards more than cash, it is unpleasant that thick wallets cause a bulging appearance in their pockets. It negatively affects their style, which is sleek and created with care. Simply because you want to feel more prepared by carrying some cash doesn't mean you have to use bulky-looking wallets. While Serel's magic wallets allow you to have enough cash and credit cards with you, they are also produced without compromising on slim design.

  • Serel's Magic Wave Wallet on tiptoe

    Designer accessories are of great importance for women. The effect of sophistication, slimness and innovation on women's large-capacity bag and wallet preferences has increased over time and these features in designs have begun to determine their purchasing decisions. For business women, large wallets and bags have become unnecessarily heavy, disordered and unable to keep up with the pace of daily life. Serel's, which cares about and supports the fact that women play a great role at least as much as men in the professional business world in modern times, has won the appreciation of female customers with its women's magic wallets.

  • Serel's Magic V Wallet on tiptoe

    Sophistication has also become more preferred for men. Our sophisticatedly styled mens magic wallets are designed to meet men's expectations of impressiveness, be a sign of wealth, and contribute to their prestige at a significant level. Because, as Serel's, we are aware that the importance that men give to their style is a reflection of their self-confidence and our mens magic flip wallets are spectacular instruments of it.

Buy Magic Wallets from Their Manufacturer Who Always Stands Behind Their Products

Genuine leather as a material is a delicate raw material and unfortunately many purchases of a leather product can result in disappointment for customers. One of the most important reasons for this is that the sellers make false statements about whether the leather material is genuine or not. Shopping directly from the manufacturer provides a safer shopping experience about the quality of the product you consider buying, including the material of production. Since we offer our own sales services directly to its retail customers, we can adapt to the developing product and sales quality standards. When purchasing one of our magic wallets directly from us, our customers can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience while not enduring the stress of worrying about the risks of after-sales problems.

Lifetime Warranty is The Fundamental of Reliability

It is the foremost mission of our brand to fulfill all the requirements to ensure that our customers feel the happiness of a pleasant purchase. The most essential requirement for this satisfaction is to offer a lifetime warranty. Otherwise, our confidence in the quality of our products would not be enough to make our customers' shopping comfortable. Our lifetime warranty policy has accelerated the development of our communication with you.

Delivering Our Magic Wallets in Gift Boxes Makes Them Superior

Every item you buy for yourself is a gift for yourself. That's why you deserve our magic wallets to be delivered to you in specially designed sparkling gift boxes. If you are buying one of our wallets for someone important to you, that person will know that you have made a great effort not only to choose the gift, but also to choose a gift with a brilliant gift box, and this will strengthen the spiritual bond between you and them.

Every Wallet Has a Price, But They Are Priceless As A Gift

Your wallet is your accessory that carries your most valuable possessions, such as your ID, credit cards or driver's license. In other words, a wallet is much more than an accessory, more than a fashion item. People are very attached to their wallets. The belongings that your husband, wife, father, coworker, or son do not think about replacing with a new one are their wallets. It will be a total surprise for them when you give a Serel's handmade genuine leather wallet which is extremely durable, quality and timeless to them on a special occasion such as Father's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and birthdays.

Serel's Magic V Wallet corner detail

Serel's is the Artisan of the Best Handmade

Our wallets are handmade, because we would like to make you feel good vibes when you own one of them. We couldn't manage that with mass machine-made wallets. Handmade manufacturing has made our wallets a sort of personalized accessory. In order to achieve this, our expert artisans, who are family for us, work diligently by showing all their skills. We crowned this high quality and special production by using Dutch Stahl brand edge dyes and sewing threads made from 100% French cotton.

Serel's Magic Wave Wallet inner face

Serel's Double-Layer Full Grain Goatskin Leather Magic Wallets

We have produced our wallets from full grain leather, which is the best - highest quality of real leather. We do not use lining materials which are used in conventional wallets in our magic wallets. We use double layers of full grain goatskin leather which makes our magic wallets more durable and special, in other words, our magic wallets have no layer made of any material other than leather.

Serel's Magic X Wallet detail

Serel’s Magic Wallets Will Be Your Everyday Obsession

There is no everyday carry (EDC) more important than your wallet. It's almost impossible to come across someone who spends a day without a wallet. Wallets are everyday carry items, which are almost a necessity for everyone to have with them. This does not mean that you will be like everyone else, that is, you will look the same as everyone else. With Serel's magic wallet, which is a design product, timeless, high quality and with a style that tells you, you can get rid of boredom, stand out and have an everyday carry that will be considered your signature.