About Serel's

To Build a Worthwhile Future / Serel's Builds Bridges Between Human and Human

Genuine leather and Serel's have had an innovative and ever-developing relationship dating back decades. Thanks to this relationship, everyone from suppliers to customers believed in Serel's and its reliability was always told.    

Our Vision

Aware of the positive contribution of the local to the global, Serel's believes in the power of dreaming. In this direction, it sees its knowledge, effort and craftsmanship as a legacy. This legacy is a responsibility for Serel's that must be transferred to the next generations.

Our Mission

Serel's believes in the importance of reaching all over the world through e-export as a team with its employees at every stage from supply to production, from marketing to sales. With this approach, Serel's aims to make each product different from the other, and therefore Serel's artisans perform 100% hand workmanship. Efforts of human and artisanship are superior to machines and this fact forms the basis of Serel's activities.

Our Quality Policy

Serel’s has adopted a human-oriented quality policy approach. Main focus of Serel's is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

Our Sustainability Policy

With a holistic sustainability policy, Serel's minds positive discrimination by contributing to people, the world, the economy and the environment from supply to after-sales. In this way, it changes and improves the effect of production on humans and nature in a positive way. 

Carbon Footprint

With the awareness that it is possible to make the world a more livable place, Serel's takes all necessary measures to reduce its carbon footprint in all processes, from obtaining the leather to making it ready for sale, and carries out continuous process improvement activities for sustainability. 

Contribution to Women's Employment

Serel's knows that a free, happy and productive woman in every aspect is the backbone of a strong society. It believes in the dreaming and artisanship of women and takes it upon itself to develop them further. Therefore, 60% of Serel's employees are women. Serel's products are produced by women with 100% handcraft, thanks to their detailing skills with engineering precision. 

Human-Oriented Human Resources Management and Appropriate Working Conditions 

Happy Employee Happy Client

Serel's is a family, a community which has been formed of people who respect and love their work. The basis of this is the unifying power of love and respect for people and human labour. Everyone under the umbrella of Serel's is a member of the brand, a teammate of the brand. Serel's acts with the motto "It is not a luxury but a basic need for our teammates to have the safe and humane working conditions they deserve". Serel's takes all necessary actions for the continuous development and life motivation of its members. Because Serel's employees are as valuable as its customers.

On-Site Production

We are aware of the great contribution of on-site production to minimizing the carbon footprint. The other contribution of on-site production, as important as its carbon footprint, is its distinctive impact on the development of local economies. Humanity consists of small communities and Serel's knows the importance of creating small but strong communities in terms of economy and quality living conditions. Because happy little communities create a happy humanity.  

Why We Are Different

  • Serel's not only brings genuine leather together with real artisans, but also chooses all other materials from naturally produced materials, from thread to dye. 
  • Serel's works with people to make its people happy.
  • It believes in the power of dreaming.
  • Serel's members produce with an endless pursuit of perfection.
  • Serel's is a brand dedicated to improving not only its products but also its team members.
  • A Serel's brand product is a unique product made not by a machine, but by a human hand.
  • It constantly improves and renews its knowledge and craftsmanship.
  • It makes sure that its approach based on quality, sustainability, positive discrimination and the importance it attaches to human resources is also present in the entire supply chain.
  • Behind each different Serel's product, there is a strong story told from the local to the world.