Collection: Money Clip Wallets

Money clip wallets are also bifold card holders. They have a completely different mechanism for carrying cash than bifold wallets. The extremely durable stainless steel clips of Serel's slim money clip wallets are placed in the middle of their interiors and securely hold your cash thanks to their spring-loaded mechanisms.

Serel's money clip wallets are thinner and smaller than conventional bifold wallets. They never have a bulging look with the cash handling feature of their clips. If you are looking for a front pocket wallet with a money clip that is the perfect combination of wallet and money clip, you may not want to miss these wallets, one of the most popular pieces of Serel's.

Why You Should Choose Serel’s Leather Money Clip Wallets?

Serel’s Slim Wallets With Money Clip Maximize Your Convenience

Serel's wallets with a money clip will speed you up. Whether you pay with a credit card or cash, since they are slim it's easy and quick to get them out of your pocket and access the cash or credit cards inside. If you are one of those who want to reach their most frequently used card in the quickest way, then Serel's leather wallets with a money clip  that have an external card slot are what you are looking for. 

They leave more room in your pocket for your other personal items. They never cause a bulky look in your pocket, meaning they're perfect for occasions when you need to dress stylishly and formally. Serel's money clip wallets do not only complement your elegance with their slimness. Thanks to their lightness and small size, you will also have peace of mind with regards to your spine health while carrying them in your pocket.

  • For Women

    Today, women's wallets are far from being a complement to women's styles and chicness, both at special events and in their professional lives. Slim wallets have become one of women's everyday carry. Serel's card holders with money clips are preferred by women as much as men, because women find them as a money clip wallet more liberating than other slim wallets.

  • For Men

    Serel's money clip wallets are also for men. Our male customers give feedback that one of the main reasons they prefer our products is that they are in a much more compact size and provide easier access when compared to money clip wallets of other brands. Having the habit of carrying their wallets in their pants pockets makes Serel's mens card holder with money clips ideal wallets for them as a front pocket wallet. The fact that they can be carried in the front pocket prevents men from becoming targets for pickpockets.

Buy Money Clip Wallets From Their Manufacturer Who Always Stands Behind Their Products

The fact that we are both the manufacturer and the seller of our money clip wallets, ensures that we have the power to meet our customers' expectations of top quality product and service at the highest level and in the fastest way.

With this power, we make the best products, quality and service available to you at the most affordable prices. Regardless of the dissatisfaction you experience with our product after your purchase, we can provide all the necessary services to resolve your dissatisfaction. Since we do not have our money clip wallets produced in China or any other country, we can take full responsibility for product defects.

Lifetime Warranty is The Fundamental of Reliability

The satisfaction of our customers is of vital importance to us. With the service requirements of a lifetime warranty, which are replacement, repair and refund, our customers shop with confidence from us. This is why we always get positive reviews about our products. Serel's proves that it will keep its lifetime warranty promise by offering fast delivery times, high quality products and excellent customer support services.

More Than A Gift For Them

Giving a wallet to your spouse, brother, father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague and close friend is a special and meaningful gift in itself, it is never ordinary and boring. It means how well you know them and how much you care and pay attention to everything about them. Well, when you choose a Serel's money clip wallet as a gift... You will have given a gift in a specially designed gift box which expresses you've spent a lot of time choosing and wrapping. 

Serel's is the Artisan of the Best Handmade

The association of Serel's wallet brand with its artisans, who have many years of experience and expertise in the production of handmade leather products, dates back long before the creation of the Serel's brand. This is why Serel's works in a family spirit with its precious artisans who do excellent work. The fact that they are artists of their field and each one of them adopts Serel's brand as their own family ensures our wallets are unique, high-end and luxurious.

Serel's Double-Layer Full Grain Goatskin Leather Money Clip Wallets

You know that genuine leather is the symbol of quality, luxury and timelessness, so you prefer to use a wallet made of it. The material of Serel's wallets is not only genuine leather, it is full grain genuine leather, which is the most special textured, most durable and high quality type of genuine leather. Serel's knows that goatskin is the most suitable leather for wallets, as it has been working with genuine leather and all types of it for decades. Because goatskin is a leather that perfects small items, especially wallets, with its features of softness, flexibility, durability and versatility.

Money Clip Wallets are Everyday Convenience (EDC)

As Everyday carry wallets, Serel's money clip wallets are the most aesthetic way to get rid of the bulginess in your pocket. Casual style does not mean compromising on style, when you carry a slim and chic wallet such as Serel's money clip wallet in your pocket, your stylish clothes will not turn out to be unsightly. As an everyday carry, the amount of items you need to have with you can no longer overshadow your elegance.