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Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet

Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet

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Serel's luxury french leather money clip wallet makes you fell rich and handsome.

100% Professional Handmade

Made in Turkey


- 100% organically tanned full-grain goatskin leather
- Organic French cotton threads
- Dutch Stahl brand leather dye

Serel's Quality Policy

As Serel's our main focus is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

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Care Instructions

Please peruse the following care tips, they will help you preserve your Serel's leather lastingly.

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Serel's Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet Amazon Link: Wallet for Men: Slim Minimalist with Money Clip Wallet Made of Goatskin Genuine Leather - Handmade Bifold Men’s Wallet for Front Pocket

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The Money Clip Inside Is The Guard Of Bills

Serel’s has taken forward the usage of the “money clip wallet” with a comfortable and practical access to cash or bills. Mens wallet with money clip inside is the one of its kind that almost guarantees security of cash. Because placing the money clip inside the wallet allows it to keep cash tightly within its mechanism, and thus the leather front pocket wallet has the ability to prevent cash or bills from dropping out of the wallet or theft. All these features of Serel’s wallet with a money clip inside makes it the best money clip wallet you can buy with regards to neatness and safety.

What Makes Serel's Money Clip Wallet The Best Choice?

The leather money clip wallet for men is a quality and design product made from full grain genuine goatskin that is combined with the materials 100% French cotton and Stahl Brand edge dyes. The handmade production method emphasizes its timeless and distinctive design, so it will be with you for a lifetime. As one of the billfold leather money clip wallet designs, this designer small wallet has the features to carry both credit cards and cash. Your cash is secured with its durable money clip made of stainless steel. It is “an excellent money clip card holder” choice for a person who appreciates high-quality and timeless style.

The slim and minimalist design of this front pocket wallet with a money clip allows you to be stylish in a convenient way. By this  means you will be able to carry it in your front pocket  and store your money and cards in it without any bulkiness. 

Including the money clip inside the wallet instead of the outside is extremely advantageous in terms of ease and security. It is an excellent contribution to the functionality of the money clip wallet with regards to keeping cash neat and ordered and accessible. 

Serel's has developed the well-balanced card slot positions design feature that perfects the tidiness for this mens card holder with money clip.  In addition, one card slot on it provides you with the easiest and fastest access to your most used card.

The bifold wallet has been popular all the time. One of the most outstanding qualities of these wallets is their convenience and handy design since you can carry both cash and cards in them. The name of the modern and comfortable design of the bifold wallet is Serel’s bifold wallet with money clip. When you review a Serel's leather bifold wallet with money clip design, you will see that it is a safe and elegant combination of a credit card wallet and a money clip.

  • Time is an Ally To Serel's Genuine Leather Wallets

    Genuine leather, as natural material, has a unique beauty and quality. For this reason, Serel’s has chosen genuine leather to make durable and attractive money clip wallets. In other words, you can be sure your Serel’s genuine leather money clip wallet will be with you for a lifetime.

  • Full-Grain Leather is The Proof of Our Quality

    It’s well known that full-grain leather is the symbol of the best - premium quality among leather types. It is extremely strong since it is the top layer of genuine leather. Being the top layer of leather gives it a unique texture and patina.  When you buy a Serel's full grain leather money clip wallet, you will have the best quality wallet you've ever owned.

  • Goatskin is Essential for Serel’s Wallets

    The exquisite wallets are hand made from the finest leather;  goatskin. Goatskin maintains their luster and beauty even after years of use. This leather is considered the highest quality leather for small leather items especially for wallets by the leather experts. Therefore the leather money card holder of Serel’s has a soft, supple and unique texture in favor of goatskin, which you can’t resist touching.

Well-Balanced Card Slot Positions Preserves The Wallet

Almost all of the trendy men’s pants of modern fashion are complemented by a slim front pocket design. Since modern men's pants are slim, the wallets should be more than a front pocket money clip card holder that has a conventional design. If your front pocket wallet is small but not of an even and balanced height, it will cause the look of your pants to lose their neatness while also causing bulky appearance. Four card slots that are on both sides of the bifold slim wallet with money clip inside are in the opposite direction and this maintains the wallet’s neatness and slimness. Men tend to carry wallets in back pockets, which can harm both cards and spine health. In order to avoid these, Serel's has designed its slim money clip wallet with this exceptional feature.

The Men’s Front Pocket Wallet for a Compact Comfort

The mens front pocket wallet with a money clip fits smoothly in any pocket, including the front pocket, due to its thin profile and lightweight leather. The money clip keeps your cash secure and also allows access to cash easily despite its slimness. The luxury leather look of this wallet will help you to look stylish and noble by fitting in your front pocket.

Money Clip Design For Slim and Minimalist Lover

With this slim and minimalist money clip wallet, you can have the convenience of a full-sized wallet, but still it will not never be bulky like a full-sized wallet. Its slim design makes it possible to use it for different styles and occasions.

Comes in a Pretty Gift Box, You Will Be Amazed

The gift box is not only to show how much we care about you. It’s  also meant to show the importance you attach to your loved ones by giving a wallet in such a special gift wrapping. The box is designed to give your gift with a special touch on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year and so on.

  • Unrivaled Stainless Steel Money Clip to Secure Money

    Serel’s has featured its money clip card holder design with a stainless steel money clip. This money clip, which combines the stainless steel material with a perfect grip mechanism, securely carries up to 15 bills.  You will meet the real stainless steel money clip wallet with Serel's and experience safe cash carrying without any doubt.

  • Meticulously Handcrafted

    It is a meticulously handmade money clip card holder that is made with love, careful attention to detail and using the top quality materials. It features precise stitching with attractive and flawless lines. Since it is made by master artisans in this manner, the handmade card case has a unique quality that you can not find in any mass-produced mens leather wallet with money clip.

  • The Most Enjoyable One of Accesses to That Card Ever

    The reason you use a money clip wallet also as a card wallet is you can have the easiest and fastest access to your cards with it. By the card slot on the Serel's money clip wallet, your must-have credit card, ID, driver's license, you name it! Whichever you want you will reach it even faster.

4 Card Slots for Easy Access and Plus 1 Card Slot for the Easiest Access

It also has a 'credit card holder' function with four card slots placed inside for good balance, and as an even more extra good feature, a card slot is placed outside. Your most frequently needed card; ID, driver's license, credit card etc. whichever it is, you can't access it any faster than that.

Get Your Money Clip Wallet Directly From Its Creator

We, as Serel's, neither act as a seller by supplying ready-made wallets from other countries, nor do we have our men’s card case product produced in countries like China using the contract manufacturing model.  Since we carry out all the production and marketing activities of our wallets completely in-house, when you have any questions about the wallet you purchased or if you have a problem with the wallet, we can offer our after-sales services such as replacement, repair, and refund in a much shorter time than our competitors. The reason we offer our wallets with a lifetime warranty is that only we test and control if our quality standards are met.


We know that positive emotional bonds such as pride, comfort, and satisfaction with things feel good. So, the items you bond with mean these items that are special for you because they make you feel positive emotions. We would like to give you the feeling of using a wallet with which you have made such an emotional bond for many years.

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