Serel's Leather Care

Serel's Leather Care

It is a pleasure for us that you find our product worthy for yourself which is a 100% handmade leather product made by dedicated craftsmen’s.

We would like to give you a few suggestions about simple and effective maintenance and protection methods so that you can preserve the quality of our product, which we produce with great care, and use it for many years.

When you buy a product made of leather, you actually buy a product that lives and improves. In this respect, leather is a one-of-a-kind material. In this way, the leather product you choose is constantly renewed over time, with your correct use and care, and becomes a timeless product.

The type of leather used in Serel's products is full grain. It is a leather type obtained from the top layer of leather and is the most precious one. It is textured and this makes it very special. The reason it is the best type of leather is because it improves best over time. Its texture makes it durable and provides more than a standard look.

Time only makes a full grain leather more shiny and soft, so time has no other effect on this type of leather except for a positive contribution. It is your touches that bring this softness and shine to the leather.


In order to preserve the quality of the leather's appearance, the first thing you need to do is to protect it against some external factors. If you do not protect it against these external factors, its natural color will change negatively and its appearance quality and brightness will decrease. External factors that negatively affect the skin are aridity, direct sunlight, heat, contact with water and humidity. In any case that it directly contacts with water, you should only wipe the area in contact with water with a soft cloth and you should perform this wiping process sensitively.


Do not let it come into contact with unnatural materials except your hands. Contact with cologne, perfume, cream and similar materials, textured (hard) and dark-colored clothes means the formation of irreversible stains and an unnatural change in color. If you stuff your items into this full grain product excessively, you will not be able to preserve its form.


In case of you do not use your Serel’s leather product, you should keep it adequate conditions, so that it do not lose its features. Please, do not throw away the packaging box when you buy your leather product. Its box will provide the room temperature, darkness and humidity-free environment that the leather needs.

With the meticulous craftsmanship of Serel's, we leave the product produced from the highest quality full grain to your care. Your adequate care and attention will allow it to live and develop with you for many years.