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Credit cards entered our lives in the mid-50s and since then, they have become more and more important for us. As at that time, wallets have slots reserved for carrying credit cards. However, the increase in the number of all kinds of cards we have and the decrease in our daily cash needs have led to the emergence of the credit card holder option.

Serel's small genuine leather card wallets are made with an extraordinary design approach that allows you to carry all the cards you may need in every aspect of your life, as well as a small amount of cash.

Why You Should Choose Serel’s Credit Card Holders?

  • Serel's Smart Wallet palm

    Although wallets are designed to be much thinner today, this thinness may not be enough for everyone. In addition to credit cards, bills, receipts and considerable cash can be carried in a regular wallet. Those who do not want to have all these with them and who want to access their credit cards more easily and faster always prefer card wallets.

  • Card wallets are also called credit card organizers. This is more than just a synonym. The word organizer means that they not only have the function of carrying cards, but are also designed to carry them in an organized manner.

    The emergence of card case designs is not so new. Despite this, you encounter many credit card wallets where the design and function features are stuck in a certain axis and pattern.

  • Serel's Exclusive Credit Card Holder Wallet at your fingertips

    Serel's has ensured that card holder wallets have all the features of a luxury card holder. Style and aesthetics are also elements of function, and traditional designs often lack these functions. The luxury offered by Serel's leather card wallets is also evident at this point: They are exceptional card holder wallets that combine function, ease of access, lightness, style and aesthetics.

    And Serel's has accomplished to fit all these features into a slim design.

  • Serel's Natty Business Card Holder is at your fingertips

    For Women

    Having easy access to a credit card is equally essential for women of any age as it is for men. The fact that women shop almost entirely online minimizes their daily cash needs. In addition, large and bulky bags and wallets have become quite useless for women's daily activities.

    A Serel's womens card holder allows women to take all the cards they need with them wherever they go and they can carry it on them for any activity. Because it can even be carried in the pocket of the sports clothes you wear while jogging, yoga, pilates and so on.

    We are proud that our female customers have given us feedback that they preferred Serel's designer card holders as they are one of the most stylish ways to express their personality.

  • Serel's X Cardholder getting into your jacket pocket

    For Men

    A mens designer card holder is one of the must haves for a man as an expression of prestige and one of the rare items that they don't hesitate to spend money for. In terms of functionality and neatness, a men's card wallet is much more preferable for many men than a large wallet.

    When you own a Serel's credit card holder wallet, you will be best known for it. It will be your favorite style accompaniment. While it can safely hold your credit cards and the amount of cash you need, it will also not restrict your freedom of clothing style. Whether you wear a suit or jeans, you will not feel its presence in your front pocket or even in your shirt pocket.

Buy Credit Card Holders From Their Manufacturer Who Always Stands Behind Their Products

Shopping from sellers who sell credit card wallets that they are not the manufacturer of will not be satisfactory and solution-oriented in terms of after-sales services and stock status in the long run.

Serel's manufactures their own designed leather credit card holders in-house. No one touches them during the production process but Serel's employees and artisans. Serel's chooses and supplies all the materials used in the production process themselves.

Purchasing a Serel's credit card holder wallet means that you will receive support and assistance from Serel's directly and quickly in all matters related to the holder. If it is defective, it will be replaced, repaired, or your money will be refunded. Serel's is the manufacturer of cardholders, and provides all after-sales services themselves.

We Are Always With You With Our Lifetime Warranty

We would like to show our confidence in the quality of our credit card holders with the lifetime guarantee we provide, so you can rely on their quality when purchasing with peace of mind. Because, as Serel's, we would like to protect you more than ourselves during your shopping experience with us.

Special Gift Boxes of Our Card Holders Surprise and Excite You

Giving one of our cardholders to your loved ones in their special gift box will arouse much more curiosity and be completely pleasantly surprised. Moreover, they will experience the excitement of opening this premium gift box and that moment will always be remembered. You can give them such an unforgettable moment without any bother.

Serel's V Cardholder on tiptoes

Give Them a Gift That Will Bring Luck

Credit card holder is a card wallet and wallets represent luck. When you give a cardholder to your boyfriend, husband, sibling or friend who has just started a new job, you give something that will bring them luck to succeed in their business and to be wealthy. Serel's card cases will be a meaningful and valuable gift for those who want to express their love with such a personal and special gift.

Serel's is the Artisan of the Best Handmade

We are a credit card holder brand that has all the specifics and ancient knowledge of leather processing and that brings unconventional contemporary designs to life with handcraft. We know that we can produce products with a unique story only if the human factor is actually involved in the production process, and we perfect this sensitive production process by using Dutch Stahl dyes made with sustainable methods for the edges and 100% French cotton threads for stitching.

Serel's V Cardholder interior

Serel's Double-Layer Full Grain Goatskin Leather Credit Card Holders

Full-grain is by far the highest quality of genuine leather. Consisting of whole, that is, undivided layers, makes it the strongest and most reliable type of genuine leather. Genuine leather other than full-grain could never be an option for Serel's to achieve its targeted quality. Goatskin, on the other hand, was chosen because it perfectly provides the physical features that card holders and wallets should have, thanks to its softness, flexibility and thinness. While paying regard to all these essential quality elements, it would not have been possible to supply card holders from other countries such as China and have them produced there. Serel's, as the manufacturer of its own products, has the power to give you a guarantee for them and to solve your product-related problems directly and quickly as soon as possible.

Serel's Exclusive Credit Card Holder As the wallet goes into the front pocket of the trousers

They are Designed For Everyday Carry (EDC)

Serel's credit card holders are designed to save you time as an EDC and not to slow you down. Our slim and minimalist card holders have a layout that will allow you to access the credit cards you are seeking for and even the ones you use the most, in the shortest time and in the most convenient way. They contribute to your spending awareness by ensuring that you only have the payment tools you need with you. There is another reason to choose a Serel's card case, which is as important as all these benefits. Everyday Carries are your important items that express you, your style and personality first. Your Everyday carry is the one that says the most about you and Serel's credit card holder is the outlet that says the best about you.