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Magic X Wallet

Magic X Wallet

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Serel's handmade leather magic wallet allows you to easily carry your 6 cards and money.

100% Professional Handmade

Made in Turkey


- 100% organically tanned full-grain goatskin leather
- Organic French cotton threads
- Dutch Stahl brand leather dye

Serel's Quality Policy

As Serel's our main focus is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

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We cover duties and taxes for shipments to all countries. You will not have to pay additional fees beyond the product price.

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Care Instructions

Please peruse the following care tips, they will help you preserve your Serel's leather lastingly.

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Serel's Magic X Wallet detail

How Do You Utilize Serel's Slim Leather Magic X Wallet?

  1. Place your cash upon the straps
  2. Close your magic wallet
  3. Open the magic wallet on the other side
  4. You'll see your cash is secured

Why Should You Choose Serel's Magic X Wallet?

In Serel's Magic X wallet model, genuine leather carefully selected and imported from France is used. It was created by highly skilled artisans who have specialized in their field for many years and is entirely handmade. The leather is goatskin. Magic wallet does not contain any material other than genuine leather. Elastic straps have a long lifespan and are extremely durable. It comes in a premium and high quality gift box. Full grain leather is used. Because full grain leather is of high quality, it does not age with use, but rather becomes more beautiful.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee. Because of its thinness, the slim Magic wallet fits easily in your any pocket. This minimalist magic wallet will be the first choice of those who never compromise on their elegance. Serel's Magic X wallet has 6 card slots, you can easily fit all of your cards into the wallet.

The quality of its genuine leather ensures that the leather magic wallet can be used for many years without being damaged. Serel's Magic X wallet is just one of our wallets with the most extraordinary and beautiful design we have created for you. Our magic wallets will also be among the gifts that make anniversaries and other special occasions beautiful and memorable. 

This is a wallet that you will cherish and use for many years to come. Magic wallet for men is one of our most exclusive products, entirely handcrafted for you. Serel's Magic X wallet, with its functionality and dazzling features, will be a great wallet to always have with you.

  • Serel's inner surface on the table

    Genuine Leather Magic X Wallet

    Genuine leather, being a natural material, possesses unparalleled beauty and excellence. Due to this aspect, Serel's has opted for genuine leather as the primary material in crafting resilient and captivating magic wallets. To put it differently, you can rest assured that your Serel's magic X wallet, crafted from genuine leather, will remain your enduring companion throughout your lifetime.

  • Serel's Magic X Wallet corner detail

    Made of Full Grain Leather

    Full-grain leather stands universally recognized as the symbol of excellence, representing the top of quality in comparison to other leather variants. This type of leather, originating from the uppermost layer of genuine leather, boasts unique durability. Its position as the uppermost layer also imparts upon it a distinctive texture and a graceful patina that develops over time. Opting for a Serel's magic wallet crafted from full-grain leather means possessing the utmost caliber wallet you've ever experienced.

  • Serel's Magic X Wallet fineness

    Softness of Goatskin Leather

    Crafted with precision, this exceptional magic wallet is meticulously handmade using the most exquisite leather available: goatskin. Goatskin is renowned for retaining its radiance and allure even after enduring years of use. Esteemed leather connoisseurs hold this material in the highest regard, particularly for crafting small leather goods like wallets. Hence, Serel's leather magic wallet embraces the luxurious, velvety texture unique to goatskin—an irresistible tactile experience that effortlessly draws you in.

Serel's Magic X Wallet  on tiptoe

The Material Quality, Brands, and Originality of the Wallet

  •  The wallet's leather, which is 100% full grain goatskin, is sourced from France. 
  • The  elastic straps of the wallet are made of strong and durable materials.
  • The edge dyes of the wallet are from the Dutch Stahl brand.
  • The cotton sewing threads that are made of 100% organic cotton come from France.
  • Wallet features: It is made of genuine leather and completely handmade.
  • Well-Balanced Card Slot Positions
Serel's Magic X Wallet front surface

Card Slot Positions That Are Well-Balanced

While Serel's magic wallet and other models are being developed, every aspect of wallet usage has been evaluated. The balance of card slot positions is one of the components that maximizes its lifetime.  Card slots that are well -balanced prevent the wallet from deforming over time. If the card slots are placed in one direction, they will be squashed in the trouser pocket, causing the wallet to develop an irregular form over time. As a result, Serel's designers paid close attention to the balance of card slot positions for all wallets and card holders.

Serel's Magic X Wallet getting into your pocket

Easily Fits In Front Pocket

Magic X Wallet fits very comfortably in your front pocket thanks to its size. It also fits in your back pocket or inner pocket of your jacket. We have all known that carrying a wallet in the back pocket is harmful for the back and spine health. This is one of the major reasons why we designed Serel's magic wallet for men in such a way that you can carry it in your front pocket.

It is Slim And Minimalist

Nobody likes fluffy wallets.  Because modern men's fashion is minimal. Therefore, we designed this magic wallet with a slim and minimalist style.  When compared to ordinary wallets, Serel's Magic X Wallet will never lose its slim form, even when six credit cards and cash are placed in it.

Gift Box Matters for Us 

The gift box serves as a reflection of your significance to us, signifying the depth of our regard for you. Beyond this, it symbolizes the value you place on your cherished relationships, as evidenced by presenting a wallet within such a uniquely adorned gift package. Designed to impart an extra layer of distinction, the box bestows an exceptional flair upon your gift, be it for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year, or any other occasion you hold dear.

  • Serel's Magic X Wallet in the palm

    Long Lasting Elastic Straps

    Elastic straps of slim Magic X wallet  are extremely long lasting and secure your cash perfectly  so you will have peace of mind while placing your cash within these straps. Because they never lose their elasticity. This makes Magic X the safest magic wallet to carry cash.

  • Serel's Magic V Wallet inner surface

    100% Handcrafted

    It is a work of precise handcrafting and made with love and careful attention to detail. It features flawless stitching with attractive and exceptional lines. Since it is made by master artisans in this manner, Serel's Magic X wallet has a unique quality that you can not find in any mass-produced wallet.

  • Serel's Magic X Wallet  front surface

    It Has Six Card Slots

    Despite the fact that Serel's magic wallet models are quite thin, their number of card slots continue to impress users. Serel's magic wallet has 6 card slots: Two inside the wallet and four outside the wallet.

Lifetime Guarantee

As Serel's, we offer a lifetime warranty for all our products because we want our customers to know that we will deliver them a new one or refund them when they have a problem with Serel's products. Our ability to provide an unlimited warranty comes from being the manufacturer of our products. By this means, we can provide all kinds of after sales services to our customers in a short time. In other words, once you buy a Serel's Magic X Wallet product, an indissoluble bond is formed between you and us.dfgh

Purchase Serel’s Magic Wallet Directly From Us

Our role stands distinct from that of mere vendors who source readymade wallets internationally, and we refrain from adopting the contract manufacturing approach through countries like China for our magic wallets. Every facet of wallet creation and promotion in Serel's is orchestrated internally, enabling us to promptly address your inquiries or concerns regarding your purchase. Our after-sales services encompass swift replacements, efficient repairs, and hassle-free refunds—a competitive advantage due to our in-house production and marketing framework. The foundation of our lifetime warranty offering rests upon our exclusive evaluation and regulation of quality standards, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining unparalleled product excellence.


We know that positive emotional bonds such as pride, comfort, and satisfaction with things feel good. So, the items you bond with mean these items that are special for you because they make you feel positive emotions. We would like to give you the feeling of using a wallet with which you have made such an emotional bond for many years.

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