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Classic Wallet

Classic Wallet

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Serel's men's classic wallet with hidden compartment adds a stylish classy touch to your lifestyle.

100% Professional Handmade

Made in Turkey


- 100% organically tanned full-grain goatskin leather
- Organic French cotton threads
- Dutch Stahl brand leather dye

Serel's Quality Policy

As Serel's our main focus is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

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Care Instructions

Please peruse the following care tips, they will help you preserve your Serel's leather lastingly.

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Serel's Classic Wallet interior

The Material Quality, Brands, and Originality of the Wallet

In its production, full grain goatskin is used, which is imported from France and has ideal quality and all other features to produce small leather products, especially wallets. Since we want other materials to be natural as well, we used 100% organic French cotton threads. We preferred dyes of Stahl from the Netherlands for edges of our wallets, because it was important for us to dye them with sustainably produced dyes.

Exceptional Harmony of Classic and Modern

Serel's not only brought the classic bifold wallet with modernity together perfectly in a single wallet, but also added a hidden compartment as a special function to its design. While using Serel’s wallet with hidden compartment you will be able to store your cards according to their frequency of use. 

What distinguishes the bifold leather wallet of Serel's brand from the classic bifold wallet is its slim and minimalist design, which is the design you need in modern life. Furthermore it is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use.

The majority of men prefer to use a black leather bifold wallet, and many have such a wallet. A Serel's bifold wallet is the choice of those who like to use a bifold wallet but do not want to be ordinary.

According to our female customers compared to its counterparts, Serel's offers the best leather bifold wallet because it has a versatile look that is more suitable for any occasion with regards to utility.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet detail

    Why We Prefer Genuine Leather?

    We never thought for a moment to manufacture our wallets from a material other than genuine leather. It is the only material that meets the high quality standards of Serel's brand and is most suitable for our purpose of producing genuine designer wallets. It is the natural and noble face of quality.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet detail

    You Deserve Full Grain

    Real leather has more than one type in terms of its layers. We chose the full grain one.It is the top layer of leather, which makes it superior to other layers, even unique in terms of durability, texture, beauty and quality.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet detail

    Made of Goatskin

    Without exception every single wallet of Serel’s is made of goatskin. It has all the features you expect a wallet to have. This is a wallet made of goatskin, which means it's soft, flexible, durable, and time will make it even more beautiful.

  • It is The Slim Bifold Wallet You are Looking for

    If you prefer to own a mens leather bifold wallet where elegance, functionality and sufficient storage come together in a slim design, then you are looking at the right wallet! This wallet can be carried in any pocket. Because it's slim, not bulky, it never ruins the silhouette of your outfit.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet getting into your pants pocket

    It is Both a Bifold and a Front Pocket Wallet

    Serel's front pocket bifold wallet, as the name suggests, is a modern wallet that can be carried in the front pocket, that is, it is not traditional. In other words, it's capable of storing the cards and cash you need, but still compact enough to fit in your front pocket.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet getting into the inside pocket of your jacket

    The Aesthetics and Functions Attract Women

    The design of our bifold card wallet is one that women also find aesthetically appealing and pleasing. In addition, its ease of use and the fact that it makes them feel lighter in different environments such as weddings, special events, professional life and everyday life is remarkable for them.

  • Serel's Classic Wallet on tiptoes

    Men’s Choice

    It is a bifold card holder for men, that has a sophisticated calm and creates  a subtle yet powerful statement. By investing in this wallet and thus its slim and minimalist design, men can enjoy a wallet that is both aesthetically appealing and timeless. Its timeless nature and quality allow you to use it for many years.

  • Serel's X Cardholder getting into your jacket pocket
  • Serel's Classic Wallet getting into your pants pocket
  • Serel's Classic Wallet getting into the jacket

Its Secret is Its Gift Box

Considering that you can choose the wallet as a gift, we deliver it in an elaborately crafted gift box to make it a truly thoughtful gift. So when you give the wallet in this gift box to the person you care about on a special day such as Valentine's Day, Independence Day, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving or a birthday, that day will be both special and unforgettable.

Serel's Classic Wallet interior

It is a Wallet with Secret Compartment

The wallet has a hidden compartment where you can store your cards that you do not always use, that is, you do not need all the time. It allows you to be more organized. On the other hand, you can store your favorite card that you need the most in its slot inside and you can access that card more quickly.

Serel's Classic Wallet on the table

It is Handmade, A Work of Love and Care

The classic wallet with hidden compartment is created with care and precision, and demonstrates a remarkable level of craftsmanship that mass-produced wallets cannot match. It is handmade to last: it can be passed down from generation to generation, and can be a link to the past. Moreover, our handcrafted production supports our local artisans, who bring unique and special pieces to us and through us to you.

Buying from the Serel’s is a Peace of Mind

At Serel's, we do not act as vendors by providing pre-made wallets from abroad, nor do we employ the contract manufacturing model where our men's wallets are made in countries like China. Instead, all design, production and marketing activities of our wallets are fulfilled in-house. This ensures any of your inquiries about the wallet you purchased can be addressed with our after-sales services, such as replacements, repairs, and refunds, much more quickly than our competitors.


We know that positive emotional bonds such as pride, comfort, and satisfaction with things feel good. So, the items you bond with mean these items that are special for you because they make you feel positive emotions. We would like to give you the feeling of using a wallet with which you have made such an emotional bond for many years.

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