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Gracious Bifold Wallet

Gracious Bifold Wallet

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Serel's slim goatskin leather bifold wallet and card holder completes your elegance.

100% Professional Handmade

Made in Turkey


- 100% organically tanned full-grain goatskin leather
- Organic French cotton threads
- Dutch Stahl brand leather dye

Serel's Quality Policy

As Serel's our main focus is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

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Care Instructions

Please peruse the following care tips, they will help you preserve your Serel's leather lastingly.

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Serel's Gracious Bifold Walletin the palm

Save Time To Get The Two Right Hand Cards

A small bifold wallet surely makes it easier to access your credit cards since they generally have a compact design. But not all of them provide the fastest way to reach your essential must-have two credit cards, but Serel’s thin bifold wallet does.

The Most Gracious Way to Own a Bifold Wallet

The men’s bifold leather wallet is designed and equipped according to the life and fashion styles of modern men, since a wallet has always been the most indispensable accessory for men. Therefore, owning a Serel's wallet will ensure you have one of the best quality men's designer bifold wallets.

Although we have designed it as a men's bifold card holder, we are proud that many women see it as a bifold wallet for women to buy. Based on the feedback we have been receiving from women, they also prefer it for its top leather quality and minimalist design. 

Thanks to our decades of knowledge and experience with genuine leather, we have always been aware that using only genuine leather is not enough for our genuine leather bifold wallet to be of the highest quality, smooth and durable. That's why we use genuine leather that is obtained from the full-grain layer of goatskin for our bifold wallet.

The minimalist design of our thin minimalist bifold wallet is supported with a slim size. However, although it has 6 card slots, 2 of which are on it, and a cash compartment, it still maintains this slim size and does not lose its shape even over time.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet while the product goes into the front pocket of the trousers
  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet Getting into the inside pocket of your coat
  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet
  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet on the table

    Time Goes Hand in Hand with Genuine Leather

    The top quality material of Serel's leather bifold wallet gives it a luxurious look, making it appear modern and slim, yet maintaining its timeless aesthetic. The main reason why it has these features is that the wallet is made of the most natural and durable material ever, which is genuine leather.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet Gracious Bifold Wallet

    Full-Grain is the Topmost and Highest Quality Layer of Leather

    The contribution of the full-grain leather layer to this slim leather bifold wallet is that this layer is obtained from the top layer of the leather, which is the most durable and strong, namely full-grain. Thanks to the top quality of it, it gains an even more unique and beautiful appearance over time.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet detail

    Touch the Flawless Smoothness of Goatskin

    We chose Goatskin without hesitation and without wasting time to use it as the main material in the production of our wallets, we are happy to introduce you to its softness, flexibility and texture.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet detail

The Material Quality, Brands, and Originality of the Wallet

Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, Serel's mens small bifold wallet is made with genuine goatskin leather from France, 100% organic French cotton thread, and Stahl's dyes which are sustainably produced in the Netherlands. We have selected all these materials to ensure that you have a wallet that is both aesthetic and of good quality.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet card inside

Card Slot Positions That Balance Its Shape

Card slot positions, particularly directions of the slot positions, are decisive for preserving the overall shape and longevity of a men’s slim bifold wallet. The fact that Serel's bifold wallets are produced from quality and durable genuine leather is proof by itself that they can maintain their form for long years. Serel's brand states with its unique well-balanced card slot positions that the card slots in Serel’s bifold wallets are in opposite directions. This allows you even to carry the wallet in your back pocket by sitting on it for many years, but still to have a wallet that preserves its shape and its condition from the first day you bought it.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet while the product goes into the front pocket of the trousers

The Front Pocket Bifold Wallet For Your Good Look

Front pocket wallets are becoming increasingly popular amongst men who want an attractive, convenient way to carry their cash and cards. Serel’s bifold wallet fits comfortably in the front pocket of jeans or pants just like a card case, as it is slim and lightweight. Therefore, when you carry it in your front pocket you can sit for a long time, stand and move without being weighed down and heavy in your pocket and without feeling uncomfortable, thanks to its competitive design that makes it the best men’s bifold wallet. On the other hand, large bifold wallets not only have to be carried in the back pocket, but also cause a risk of harming the health of the back and spine due to sitting on them in the long run.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet on tiptoe

Its Slimness Minimizes The Rush, Maximize The Comfort

Serel’s slim bifold wallet not just provides you with a minimalist style that meets the requirements of today's lifestyle, modernity, convenience and sustainability, 

but being much slimmer makes this bifold card holder really lighter. When you meet her, you will say that “freely creating my own style has never been easier”. You will be able to carry it in every pocket of your clothes and not have to be in the back pocket of your pants. Moreover, you will experience the convenience of still having room in any pocket. Thanks to its slim size and minimalist design, who wouldn't want to get rid of the clutter in their wallet and stay organized?

The Gift Box is Tailored To Your Wallet Gift

This amazing gift box alone will give the recipient an unforgettable experience and will also deliver to them a gracious bifold credit card wallet in it. With its luxurious and surprising look, it is an excellent gift box for any special occasion such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year, Independence Day and so on. When you give this bifold wallet to your loved one as a gift you will state that you know them well enough to know their style and special preferences.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Gracious Bifold Wallet

Designed to Carry a Sufficient Amount of Cash

Expert designers of Serel's have generated this bifold wallet with a large cash compartment inside, able to store up to 20 bills, ensuring that your money is kept secure. This space provides a great deal of convenience, as it allows for all of your paper currency to be kept in one place, ensuring easy access and safe storage.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet

The Handmade Wallet Worth Spending Time

Expert and experienced artisans of Serel's devote remarkable time to carefully designing and forming a handmade bifold wallet that is also aesthetically pleasing. Each stage of a hand-crafted wallet is  delicately carried out by this expertness. Time is the most precious gift we can give each other and surely priceless. We are happy to spend this significant time producing our handmade wallets for you.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet  inner pockets

4 + 2 Card Slots

The total of 6 card slots, 2 of which are outside the wallet, offer you all the functions you would expect from a card holder, and yet it does not lose anything from its slim form.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Walletin the palm

    Great Bifold Wallet Choice for Men

    This designer bifold wallet from Serel's brand is the ultimate accessory. Its sophisticated leather will give you a modern and slim style look. Just like with all other bifold men's wallets of Serel's, you will be able to store your basic needs in the large card holder and cash compartment in this wallet.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet the is on the table

    The Small Bifold Wallet That Women Also Love

    According to the feedback we have been receiving from our women customers they also have been incredibly impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of this bifold card wallet. They state that Its functionality-related features are at least as satisfying as a women's small bifold wallet. Since it facilitates modern life for them, it is also an excellent alternative to a large wallet for many women, especially on special occasions such as weddings and parties.

Buying Your Wallet From Its Manufacturer Is The Key To Getting Flawless Service

Serel's wallet brand sells its own wallets directly on well-known marketplaces such as Amazon, Esty and Ebay as well as on  its own online store. It does not allow the involvement of other vendors or distributors in the relationship between it and its customers, and thus It also does not allow this involvement to damage this trust-based relationship in any way. This is the main reason behind Serel’s ability to offer a lifetime guarantee.


We know that positive emotional bonds such as pride, comfort, and satisfaction with things feel good. So, the items you bond with mean these items that are special for you because they make you feel positive emotions. We would like to give you the feeling of using a wallet with which you have made such an emotional bond for many years.

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