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Groovy Bifold Wallet

Groovy Bifold Wallet

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Serel's men's and women's slim bifold wallet and card holder is made of handmade goatskin leather.

100% Professional Handmade

Made in Turkey


- 100% organically tanned full-grain goatskin leather
- Organic French cotton threads
- Dutch Stahl brand leather dye

Serel's Quality Policy

As Serel's our main focus is to monitor and continuously improve the quality of our wallets for men at every stage of production and sales, and to meet customer expectations 100%. The feedback we receive from our customers is our most valuable asset.

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Care Instructions

Please peruse the following care tips, they will help you preserve your Serel's leather lastingly.

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Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet vertical

Instant and Fast Access to Your Essential Credit Card

When you have this bifold credit card wallet, you will be able to easily access the card you use most often, such as driver's license, identity card, credit or debit card. We placed a card slot on it to provide you this convenience.

Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet edges

The Material Quality, Brands, and Originality of Groovy Bifold Wallet

Serel’s Groovy Bifold Wallet is made with superior materials and techniques, which are genuine goatskin leather from France, 100% organic French cotton thread, and Stahl's dyes produced with sustainable techniques from the Netherlands. The quality of the leather, brands preferred, and originality of the wallet are all of the highest standard, ensuring that you are getting a wallet that not only looks and feels great, but is also durable and long-lasting.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet interior

    Genuine Leather Means A Lot To Us

    Genuine leather is a special natural material. With age, it develops a layer showing the elapsed time, and a unique look as it absorbs natural oils and soaks up the environment. It means the longer you use a Serel’s wallet made of genuine leather the more brilliant it will become.

  • Serel's Gracious Bifold Wallet detai

    The Uniqueness of The Wallet Comes From Full-Grain

    Serel’s has chosen to use full-grain leather for the bifold card holder for its distinct beauty and durability. This kind of genuine leather is obtained from the strongest and most resistant layer of all. It has a unique texture that gives it a wonderful patina, and it is the preferred material for long-lasting wallets and other small items.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet back side

    There is A Reason For Choosing Goatskin

    As for the answer to the question of why we prefer goatskin, because it is the only type of leather that can provide the softness and fascination we want our wallets to have. With a Serel’s bifold wallet, you can be sure that you are investing in a wallet that will last a lifetime and look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Beyond The Best Men’s Leather Bifold Wallet

Groovy Bifold Wallet is the most popular among Serel's men's bifold wallets. It is the most functional combination of slimness and fashion. Its thin design is ideal for both all styles of men and the front pocket. The characteristic that makes the men’s bifold leather wallet the best selling wallet of Serel's is that it has the form sought by both classic and modern design lovers: sufficient cash carrying capacity.

Our female customers also prefer our men's wallets. According to the feedback that we have received from our customers, we have seen that our Serel's Groovy bifold model is one of the most preferred Serel’s men's wallets by women. It shows that our customers find it worth giving feedback about, and we are always grateful for this. Our women customers find it as quality and extraordinary as a designer card wallet, and they say that the best thing about it is that it has a design that is perfect to be used with their partners as a couple.

There are many different reasons why full grain genuine goatskin is considered the best leather to produce a bifold card holder or any type of wallet. The most remarkable and significant of these is that while it is extremely durable, it also has a smoothness and lightness that you will enjoy touching. This makes it the most suitable leather not only to produce wallets but also to produce clothes. The irresistible comfort and luxury of lightness! Why would you miss the opportunity to feel this comfort and luxury in every environment and occasion?

Serel's slim minimalist bifold wallet has 5 credit card slots in total, 4 of them are inside it and 1 of them is on it, so you can reach your favorite card in the fastest way. In addition, this slim bifold wallet has a cash compartment where you can carry your cash. Despite all this versatile functionality and large capacity, it is designed to maintain its minimalist style and slim dimensions.

Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet in palm

Neatness Requires Well-Balanced Card Slot Positions

The most prominent reason for men to use card holders instead of bifold wallets is that when bifold wallets are carried in front or back pockets, they cause puffiness in the pocket, ruining the look of the pants. Serel's designers have positioned the card slots of its bifold wallets in opposite directions. Thus, even if you fill your Serel's wallet completely, that is, use full capacity, it maintains its slim form without causing any bulkiness in your pocket, and good looking of your pants. Also, this innovative design element of our designers, namely, “well balanced card slot positions” will never harm your spine health, even if you sit on it for hours because you carry it in your back pocket, and moreover, it and all your cards in it will never be damaged. For those who are looking for both neat appearance and conservation features in a wallet.

Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet pockets

The Comfort of Fitting a Wallet in the Front Pocket

The comfort of Serel’s bifold front pocket wallet will make you overjoyed. Its ease, safety and functionality make it a great option for those with a busy lifestyle or those whom traveling is an important part of their life. Its small size means it occupies less room even in your front pocket, making it lighter and not as likely to ruin your pants, at the same time your style will be completed with its timeless and modern style. The wallet reduces the chances of cards or cash slipping out or getting lost and also usually less noticeable than a bigger, bulkier wallet, making it more secure and less likely to be stolen. Moreover, it helps you to avoid hips and back health issues caused by sitting on it for extended periods because it is designed to be carried in the front pocket.

Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet front face

The Slim Design and Minimalist Style

The slim and minimalist wallet will free you up to stylize your wardrobe in the most comfortable way, so you will have a fashionable and diversified style created by you. Its neat and also attractive modern style will make it possible to easily match it with your clothes and other accessories. Since we are aware that style alone is not enough we have designed this bifold wallet with a sufficient number of card slots and cash compartment. It is ideally roomy for your items and still keeps your pocket roomy. Its minimalism will allow you to be more organized as its interior has a neat layout. In other words Serel’s bifold wallet will accelerate you in your daily life with its lightweight to carry in any pocket, sleek look and well-organized layout.

The Gift Box That Expresses Your Kind Thought

This gift box is sure to impress your beloved one and demonstrate the thought and care you put into selecting the perfect present. It is ideal for any kind of special occasion such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, New Year and more. Not only does this bifold wallet come in a beautiful and attractive packaging, but by being presented in this gift box, it also highlights the significance of the person who will receive the gift.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Wall full capacity

    Generous Cash Section

    It is a small vertical bifold wallet that can carry both cash and bills easily and without losing its shape. Even though it is small, you will be surprised to see that you can fit up to 20 banknotes in it.

  • Craftmanship is  Unique Creation

    Handmade is the only way we produce our wallets. We have always wanted to craft them with a personal touch which means that the artisan puts extra time and effort into making sure their work is perfect. Our expert artisans’ attention to detail makes Serel’s men wallets top quality.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet opened state

    All Your Cards You Need Are With You

    Serel’s Groovy slim bifold wallet is the wallet that has 5 card slots for your cards you need with you all the time and yet maintains its slim and neat look without ruining your outfit. This feature is to give you the relief of being prepared and to make you feel financially secure.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Wallet on tiptoe

    It’s a Men’s Bifold Wallet

    The wallet has all the key features and more that make it functional, minimalist, chic and the most essential accessory ever. Its high-end quality leather is at the forefront of these features. With its design, it has a modern and slim style, while maintaining its classic look, which are the wallet features that men are most looking for. Its number of card slots and cash compartment is highly sufficient for men to carry their essentials.

    Not only this wallet, but all wallets of the Serel's brand are cogitated as men's designer bifold wallets. Combining men's must have color with a designer product, this men's black leather bifold wallet will be the signature of your prestige.

  • Serel's Groovy Bifold Walleton the table

    It’s Also A Slim Bifold Wallet For Women

    Based on the feedback we have received, our women customers have found the quality and craftsmanship of this wallet to be remarkable. Considering that we designed it to be a women’s leather bifold wallet that facilitates the everyday of modern life, we are blissful to have achieved this. The best part for them? They state that it is the perfect couple's wallet, boasting a design that both partners can enjoy. On some days or occasions, you may need to get rid of the weight of the bag, so you may want to go out with just a wallet. This means that your wallet will be seen by everyone, and you want people around you, including those you don't know, to see a modern, stylish and slim wallet you have. In addition to having all these features as an eye-catching women's wallet, it can easily carry your cash, card, ID and driver's license, and what you are looking for is elegant comfort - functionality in a wallet.

Buying Your Minimalist Bifold Wallet From Its Manufacturer Is The Key To Getting Flawless Service

Serel's is the sole seller of their wallets on all platforms including Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and other  marketplaces. Buying your front pocket bifold wallet directly from the manufacturer ensures getting the best service besides the wallet. As a manufacturer we have control over the entire production process and are able to guarantee the quality of our every single wallet. In addition to this, we are able to provide a lifetime warranty on the wallet, and our customer service team have the competent knowledge and experience in dealing with customer queries.


We know that positive emotional bonds such as pride, comfort, and satisfaction with things feel good. So, the items you bond with mean these items that are special for you because they make you feel positive emotions. We would like to give you the feeling of using a wallet with which you have made such an emotional bond for many years.

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