Those who want to make their boyfriend, husband, brother, father, colleague and other men they care about in their life happy with a wallet gift set for him on special occasions will have discovered the perfect wallet gift set with this guide blog post we prepared. While reading our article, you will see that our focus is Serel's wallet gift set. With the wallet gift set created by Serel's with two special wallet models, you can get the chance to give a special gift to a man you care about in your life. Because you will understand why it is a good idea to give him a gift set consisting of a luxury slim money clip wallet and a men's wallet with snap closure combination in this article, which also includes the expert opinions of Serel's fashion designers.

Here we would also like to inform you about more than the wallet gift set for him. In other words, in addition to this gift option, we wanted to look at the subject from a different perspective by touching on the historical development of the gift giving phenomenon. For example, do you know when the gift, as well as the act of giving gifts, first appeared and in what civilization it was first practiced? If your answer is "no," then you will find the answers of such questions in this content in which we give detailed information about the development of the practice of giving gifts. We hope you enjoy the time you spend reading this article.

Why Did People Want to Give Gifts?

Giving gifts is an action that is as old as human history and continues today. Several factors contributed to the decision to take this action in order to strengthen interpersonal emotional relationships and develop greater loyalty.

The Meaning of Giving a Gift

Why Did People Want to Give Gifts?

Giving gifts has become a tradition since ancient times, not only for the purposes that we know, but also for other reasons that we are not accustomed to. Giving a gift is to make those who are important to us happy.The custom of giving gifts is that the giver does not expect to receive anything in return for his/her generosity.

A Gift is a Best Way to Celebrate Special Occasions

Especially on special days, people give each other gifts to celebrate these days. From this point of view, it is of great importance as a means of bringing people together. Of course, special days when gifts are given vary from culture to culture and society to society. For example, Catholics celebrate their children turning 7-8 with a ceremony in which wine and bread are accepted. The name of this special day is Holy Communion and gifts are given to the child. Giving gifts to each other strengthens the bonds between people. Let's take a look at the history of the gift-giving tradition. 

 The Meaning of Giving a Gift

World's Gift-Giving History

Jacob Spon was an archaeologist, and an explorer who lived from 1647 until 1685. He was alive for 38 years. His work "On the Origin of Gifts" was written during his lifetime and published after his death. This work is among the most significant sources that provide information regarding the beginning of the practice of gift-giving. According to the information provided by Jacob Spon in his book titled "On the Origin of Gifts," the custom of giving presents to one another has been around since the early years of the Roman Empire. Jacob Spon, who is well-known for his work as a researcher and traveler, claims that he obtained the information for his book from written sources.

It was determined, by the data that Jacob Spon gleaned from various written sources, that the Roman Empire was home to a lot of ingrained customs regarding the giving of gifts. The giving of presents on significant occasions like New Year's Eve and during the holidays garners a lot of attention. During the evening of New Year's Eve and throughout the holiday season, collected Verbena branches from the forests of Strenia were given as a token of respect to the most powerful rulers of Rome. According to the mythology of the ancient Roman Empire, Strenia is the goddess of health.

In those days, the stems and branches of verbena were used to brew medicinal tea. When the Latin languages are investigated in greater depth, the words "Strenna" and "Etrenne," which mean "New Year's" and "holiday gifts," respectively, stand out as being particularly interesting. The very existence of these words almost certainly supports the argument that tradition existed. Over time, there has been an increase in the generosity of gift-giving, and in addition to verbena branches, other presents have been introduced. It has become a custom to give gifts of figs, honey, and dates.

When the church of the Roman Empire expanded its dominance in the West and the East, it outlawed all of the rituals and practices that were particular to the polytheistic religion to eradicate all traces of the religion. Despite these prohibitions, it will not be possible to eradicate the practice of gift-giving. Throughout its history, Christianity has gradually incorporated the giving of gifts. Within the context of this belief, the practice of gift-giving starts to evolve.  The influence of the church started to decrease during the period known as the Enlightenment. This made it possible to do away with the restrictions that stood in the way of the act of gift-giving. During this time, the word "gift" was often used the same way as "party" and "banquet."

Why Should You Give Him A Wallet Gift Set? 

Serel's Leather Wallet Gift Set for Him

The wallet is a very specific item and when chosen to give as a gift, it shows how well you know that man and how much you value him. So you need to know if he needs a new wallet. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a negative reaction.

The next step is to find out what features he wants the new wallet he needs to have, whether he likes minimalist wallets, prefers card holders, what color wallets he likes etc. There is a wide range of wallet options available today. So why should you give a wallet to a man you care about?

One of the most important features expected from a wallet is that it is durable and it is the primary reason for men's purchasing decisions. Because men want to use their personal and valuable items such as wallets for a long time. From this point of view, when you give him a quality wallet in the right style, it means that you will conquer his heart.

Serel's Wallet Gift Set for Him with Gift Box

As we mentioned above, the wallet is not just an item, it is personal and this is exactly why it will be a thoughtfully chosen gift. It will give very important messages from your mouth: "Because I care about you so much, it is very important for me to know everything about you and you deserve such a precious gift".

When we look at the items that men generally use, we see that they prefer multifunctional products and wallets are a gift that men can enjoy in terms of functionality. Because, for example, a small statue does not attract the attention of men as a gift because it is a non-functional item.

The Only Accessory Men Want Everyone To See Is The Wallet

What can make a man more happy than a wallet gift is receiving two different wallet gifts. Because men want to dress appropriately for every environment in terms of their reputation and thus to be noticed. So, we would like to point out that giving a wallet gift set to a man is a very special idea. From this point of view it would not be wrong to say that wallets are perhaps the most important accessory for men. Because a wallet is a symbol of a man's wealth and dignity. Every man who owns an elegant, quality and stylish wallet wants everyone to see it.

 Serel's Wallet Gift Set for Him (Money Clip Wallet and Snap Closure Wallet)

A Gift That Will Be With Him For Many Years

Serel's primary purpose is to produce men's wallets that can be used for years. That's why Serel's men's wallets are handmade from 100% genuine leather by the brand's expert and very experienced artisans. Just because a gift is handmade makes it very special. On the other hand, if it is a gift that is both handmade and has a quality that can be used for many years, it will make a lasting impression on him.

Serel's Provides A Variety Of Wallet Gift Set For Him Options

Serel's Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet for Men

It could be our boyfriend, husband, father, brothers, or close friends who make us happy in our lives. We can strengthen our love by giving gifts on any day or at any time. We are confident that a considerate attitude will make him very happy. Men's wallets are one of the most useful and necessary gifts for men's fashion. Nowadays, however, almost all men's wallets are very ordinary. Men's wallets with simple colors and poor leather quality are unsuitable for gifting. If you are looking for the best wallet options as a gift for the man in your life, Serel's Money Clip and Zinger Snap Closure Wallet are  magnificent wallets with an unusual design and the best leather quality.

Serel’s Zinger Snap Closure Wallet for Men

Serel’s Zinger Snap Closure Wallet is a completely handmade product. Made of goat skin. In addition to all these, it has an unusual appearance. The Zinger Snap Closure Wallet, which we have designed by going beyond all the simple wallet models you know, will be one of the best choices to be given as a gift. The thread used for the threads of the wallet is French Cotton, and the dye used for the dyeing of the wallet is the German brand Stahl dye. All of our craftsmen work meticulously for a wallet, which is one of the indispensable products of men's fashion. 

Zinger Snap Closure Wallet is a dazzling functional product with its marvel of design, its color that can adapt to any outfit, and its size that can easily fit anywhere. While producing our product, we also take care to choose environmentally friendly materials. Many of the products we use are made of completely recyclable materials. 

Thanks to the card capacity of this wallet, you can not only carry your 6 credit and debit cards, but also carry your banknotes in it. We have provided a double safeness by adding snap fasteners to its design, which is already safe for carrying your cards and cash, and it has become a wallet that people who are sensitive about security can use with peace of mind. One of the most important features of this snap closure wallet is its versatility. Apart from your credit cards and paper money, you can also easily carry your bills, meal cards, bus or subway cards that you need to have with you.

Serel's Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet

If you are thinking of gifting him with a wallet gift set consisting of two wallets instead of one, then we would like to talk about Serel's Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet. When you add this men's wallet, which is completely handmade from 100% genuine leather, to your wallet gift set, you will be remembered forever by the person you gave the gift to. One of the most important features of Serel's wallets is that they are guaranteed for life. Do you know why he will love this wallet, which fits perfectly even with his suit:

The Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet has a very slim design. That is, it will never cause puffiness, even in the pocket of a suit. Because of this, it is a versatile accessory that can be preferred for any occasion.

The money clip in its design is made of stainless steel. So as long as you use this wallet, its money clip will keep its strength and function.

One of the 5 card slots is external, that is, it is located on the outside of the wallet. This external card slot provides quick access to the most used ID, credit card or driver's license. The slots inside are positioned in opposite directions. Thanks to this unique design, which we call the balanced card position, the wallet does not appear unbalanced due to the cards inside, and this way, even if the wallet is carried in the back pocket and sat on it, it maintains its form and shape over the years. In addition, your credit cards will not be damaged because they will be stored correctly.

The other member of the wallet gift set, Serel's Zinger Snap Closure Wallet, does not have a separate cash compartment due to its practical design. In other words, Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet matches perfectly with the Zinger Snap Closure Wallet.

As with all of its products, Serel's delivers this wallet in a special giftable premium box. In this way, it also saves you the trouble of gift packaging.

Serel's Genuine Leather Front Pocket Wallet with Money Clip

We strive to make every aspect of our lives as minimalist as possible. Many of our items are functional and minimalist. Serel’s Zinger Snap Closure Wallet ve Serel’s Groovy Slim Money Clip Wallet  fits easily into front pockets, trouser pockets, and small bags due to its minimalist and slim design. It is appropriate for both formal and elegant dinners and everyday wear.

In summary, we can say that in this article, we gave you information about the importance of giving gifts and gave advice about Serel’s wallet gift set for him. We hope we were able to provide useful and interesting information and tips for you.

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